Strategic planning for your startup

Visualise your strategy

Focus on what is most critical

Build a great business

Use best practices like OKRs to get better results for your startup

Strategy, tactics and weekly tasks mapped out so you can see where you're going

Add OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to your strategy so you can stay on track

Create your strategy in a dedicated shared space so your team is aligned

Strategic planning for startups

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How to share with my team where we want to go and why we need to get there

Step 1 - Map the high-level goal that will move our startup to the next phase in a specific timeframe

Step 2 - Record why the goal is important and what success will look like

Step 3 - How are we going to achieve our high-level goal? Break it down into the main activities that will take us there

Step 4 - Based on our main activities, what key objectives do we need to achieve by the end of the week?

Step 5 - Share the strategy with the team (soon via personalised Emails)

Step 6 - When planning the next weekly objectives, take a step back, look at the big picture and ask ourselves: keep going, iterate or pivot?

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